Nordic Blue

Residential -Florence, Tuscany, Italy -February 2018

Project Info

Florence, Tuscany, Italy -February 2018

Our Studio has been involved in this renovation of an apartment in Florence. We design from the architectural layout to custom furniture, passing through the Directorate of Works and Masters. Naturally we also took care of the Lighting Design project, personally choosing the positions and the type of all the lighting fixtures in the house, obviously in agreement with the Client. The study of colors has led to the development of the blues in all their forms, from deep blue to lighter tones that blend well with the natural oak color of the floor. The use of the wallpaper gave character to the rooms, and the Client was rewarded with the courage shown "daring" a bit of color especially in the kids' room that has a background wallpaper with a spectacular graffiti-style murals. Special note for the bathroom: the only bathroom of the house has been studied in detail so as to insert inside a large wardrobe-container perfectly integrated with the rest of the furniture, which acts as a "hiding place" for the washing machine and at the same time large storage room for storing soaps, bath linens and laundry already washed waiting to be ironed. All this is contained in a hand-enamelled wood paneling with bands of different colors that lighten and make the final result both colorful and at the same time not tiring. Material used for the coating of the bathroom and shower tray: resin and spatula finish by Kearkoll. Property of images and projects reserved to Rachele Biancalani Studio


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