Rachele Biancalani

Don't dream it do it!

Rachele Biancalani

Since I was a little girl, I have always shown a strong talent for drawing and a peculiar, innate interest in furnishing: I remember in fact that whenever it got dark in the evenings and I could see very well into the enlightened rooms of the buildings, I used to peek inside other people’s houses because of my curiosity about how they were furnished.

My favourite amusement was to observe how the same spaces and structures (for example the flats of a condo-building) turned out to be very different one from the other. When I was 15 I started drawing and assembling my first furniture and furnishing projects (actually, I have not quit yet!) and at that age I realized that I would be an architect.


She studied at the prestigious Cicognigni National College of Prato and completed her studies and graduated with a high school diploma at the High School Copernico always in Prato.

After passing the admission test she studied Architecture in Florence completing her university studies and graduating in 2005 in Science of Architecture with honors.

She exceeds at the first try the selective examination for the Exercise of the Profession of junior Architect in Florence and she is a regular member of the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Arezzo, Department of Architecture, in the sect. B

Work experience

After only a month after her graduation she began a collaboration with one of the most famous engineering firm in Tuscany and just after few moths she began to work as Project Manager for Casprini SPA, worldwide leader in the field of design and furniture.

There, she worked alongside with architects and designers of international repute from which she leared important concepts in the professional field of furniture, design and architecture.

In 2010 Rachele starts her own Study of Architecture and Interiors that has allowed the realization of major projects with awards from the specialized press and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Loves and Passions

Passionate about design and decor, she is also very attentive to issues of sustainability and green building applied to the world of architecture and design.

Web writer since 1996 (the beginning of internet!) she works with blog and websites sharing her experience about her professional field.

With a remarkable dexterity in DIY, she realizes first hand some of her design projects, as evidenced by the project "Bo-bina" line of lamps that wink reuse ecofriendly, created for her own Studio with the coils of recycled cardboard.